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Graciela Taylor: "My happiest experience is today passing my last exit exam".


Anonymous: "I was fulfilled on the day I passed the Hesi exit exam and was congratulated as a PN graduate".

Temitope Olugbodi: "My challenging experience is when I failed one of my major classes, I had to swallow the ego of going back. It took a whole lot from me including my jobs was at task".

Temitope Olugbodi: "My happiest was the day I made it after the whole program. THE END JUSTIFY THE MEANS".

Michelle Maumbe:  "Everything went well during my program"!

Mihwa Rhee:  "Learning from Mr. Leslie was the most satisfying experience during the program. Mr. Leslie's quality of teaching was far above my expectations and equipped me with the necessary knowledge to become an LPN".

Junu Gurung: "Exit exam was challenging".

Anonymous: "Clinical was the best to apply skills learned".

Anonymous: "I was initially scared and skeptical about going into nursing as it was a totally different industry from what I had been practicing, but going through the classes and courses, my confidence began to build up. Teaching was made simplified, and the support given enhanced my willingness to learn and become an LPN. I would say confidently that I am proud and happy to have gone through the school and came out with flying colors. What I have learned will forever be with me".


Anonymous: "Family like type of setting everyone is most welcomed and treated the same".

Anonymous: "The program was overwhelming at times, but instructors and peers made the journey worthwhile".

Anonymous:   "Overall, how great I got along with my classmates".


Anonymous:   "The most meaningful and significant part of my studies was the hard work and devotedness and the powerful

knowledge Impacted by the instructors that came to realization in a positive way".

Anonymous:   "The program is detailed and thorough. I had a great experience overall".

Anonymous:   "My happiest moment is when I passed my HESI exam".

Anonymous:   "At times studying was bittersweet as the program is fast paced but all was designed to make us become great nurses".


Babatunde Ogunlusi:  "My happiest experience is graduating as a nurse and my saddest is failing a test or assignment.
I have meaningful experience in taking care of patients using my clinical skills. and most of my challenges is the school distance from my home".

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